Cybernet - Hit Locations


Payote with a question said:
I noticed under the precise shot feat there a referance to a hit location chart. I couldnt find one in the rules so iam guessing it got choped out. Since I believe we'll need one for combat for those pesky cyber limbs and determining damage to said limbs.

Cerhob with a suggestion said:
I'll post mine anyway

2d8 Hit Location
2-3 Left arm
4-6 Left Leg
7-10 Torso
11-13 Right Leg
14-15 Right Arm
16 Head

Payote with a suggestion said:
I still think the old d10 was a good one. Considering the area of said body parts I think this would work.
1= Head
5= Right Arm
6= Left Arm
7-8=Right Leg
9-10=Left Leg

Ki Ryn with a suggestion said:
I'm working on an OGL sci-fi game that has hit location in it. Our current system uses a d12:

1 = foot
2 = lower leg
3 = upper leg
4 = hand
5 = lower arm
6 = upper arm
7 = groin
8 = stomach
9 = chest
10 = chest
11 = throat
12 = head

Mongoose August testing the waters said:
I would be willing to generate an official Hit Location table if there is enough interest. What say you, lads and lasses?

Mongoose August said:
The chart I am working up is weighted more heavily towards torso and shoulder locations (where the predominant number of shots land in normal firefights, as evinced by the forensic and after-action reports I've been looking through).

I am also creating sub tables for each major location as a purely optional addition to the system for Games Masters wishing to determine just ~what~ was hit in each place. This, combined with damage thresholds for various body parts, should allow someone to figure out when a limb or organ is just damaged and when it needs to be replaced.

Look for this as (likely) a Signs and Portents article in the near future with a slimmer version posted here for free.
I agree that a hit table is needed and basing it off center of mass as the assumed target is the way to go. Actually, this reminds me of exactly such a table from a much older version of the Bayblon 5 RPG (which I never bothered to play). It had a picture of a guy with a bullseye over his heart. There was a hex grid overlay and arrows pointing outward from the heart, numbered 1-6. So, you simply rolled a d6 to find out the direction and then how many hexes you missed CoM by was based on the success level of your shot. Not sure how to translate that into d20, but it sure was much better than just a random table. Of course, it didn't fit all situations. A friend was telling me that there was another game that used the same concept but had several differet target drawings.

Anyway, just a thought and I'm glad we're already headed in the right direction.
I believe the 'other' game of which you speak is called millineums end or something like that. They had various poses and then you laid a transparent chart over the target. IF you hit, then you hit what you were aiming at. If you missed you found the number you missed it by and thats where you hit.

I had a character that used to semi-auto 9mm berrettas. He had a one in his shooting skill. HE always missed. But, due to the charts, HE always hit anyway. So he just dumped ammo in the direction of the baddies and took them all out. It was VERY flawed hit chart. But fun to roleplay.

I just wanted to add an important note on my chart (quoted above). The d12 for hit location is rolled at the same time as the d20 to determine the hit. And if the d20 is even, the hit is on the right side, otherwise the left.

That's how my chart figures a hit to the left arm as opposed to the right. Instead of using the "hit" d20, any other 50/50 roll could be made (if people don't like the bias towards hits on the right side). I just wanted to use the fewest dice rolls.

Also, I needed to design my chart so that the body area divisions lined up with normal clothing borders. In the game I am designing, a person can wear one kind of vest and another kind of pants (for example). I could not have one number cover both the torso and shoulder because then the sytem would fail if they were just weaing a vest. Ditto for one number coving both the hand and forearm (because they could be wearing kevlar gloves and no jacket, or vice versa).

All of the systems look well thought out though, and I definitely agree with weighting towards the torso (though maybe not so much for melee combat). I look forward to seeing what is developed. Heck, if it's OGL and better than mine, I look forward to yoinking it myself :)
It's coming... I just have a small stack of work in front of it on the priority list. Don't worry. We got out the FAQ; we'll get out the Hit Location chart. :)

It has been awhile, the FAQ is out when is the hit location chart coming. also what are effects for being shot head, chest ect? extra damage increased threat range? Dave
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I intend to make it both. I will offer a basic hit-location table free here and put an expanded one with more effects in S&P as an article with flavour text and additional crunchiness-sprinkles. :)