Cybernet - Classes


Socket with a question said:
Also the Professional class table appears to be a duplicate of the Webcrawler's table in all regards expect for class features. Is this an error? If not, what does the BAB bonus in parens represent?

Socket with a question said:
The webcrawler lists a separate BAB for being immersed in the web. When the web crawler multiclasses does the new classes BAB stack with the immersed BAB or not. For instance (i think i got the follwing numbers right), if I am a 10 level webcrawler my real world BAB is +5 but it is +10/+5 when in the web and I add two levels of True Hacker is my web BAB +11/+6 or still +10/+5. What if I add a level or more of soldier or some other class?
This is an excellent question. The Professionmal inquiry will be taken care of in a seperate post, but the Hacker question is detailed here:

The /+ BAB for the Webcrawler is exclusive to that class and the True Hacker prestige class (this P-class's BAB bonus stacks with it). Other classes do not increase the latter BAB (the immersive one), but if a Cybernet character's normal BAB exceeds their immersive BAB, they can of course use it instead.

Games Masters are always free to rule that certain P-classes will increase the immersive BAB as True Hacker does, but in the basic rules, only True Hacker does this natively.