Cults of Glorantha Preview


That looks really RuneQuest - and really fun and really Gloranthan. I'm really excited. It seems just like the old cults books, but better. A book full of cults, skills, spells, and stuff.

I think MRQ will live or die on the quality of supplements like this one. Not on issues of game mechanics.

Where's the excitement :?:

At this point the Glorantha material is what I am looking forward to. It really does look top notch.

No comment on core rules.
On the second page of the preview, on the right hand column, in the section headed "Special Benefits" it says:

Initiates of Barntar gain a +10% bonus on any CON or Fatigue checks

I thought we didn't have CON checks in MRQ?

Edit: Or do they mean any skill that has CON as one of its characteristics? Otherwise, the preview looks great... this looks like a must have.
I wondered about that - in the Monsters preview it says that creatures with a chaos taint can make a CHA or POW check to avoid another creature of chaos attacking them....