CSC 2023 bookmarks


I got myself the new Central Supply Catalog 2023 Update and was a little disappointed about the bookmarking, as I use bookmarks as a primary tool to navigate within a large pdf.
I very much missed bookmarks on the major chapters and cascading bookmarks for subchapters.
I created these myself and found that you can export & import bookmarks from PDF-Files.
Therefore, for everyone who bought CSC 2023 here at Mongoose and would like these reworked bookmarks I will upload the bookmarks-file here (xcbkm-Format) and if you have an PDF-Editor you should be able to just import the new bookmark-structure.
I had to compress the xcbkm-File into a Zip-File as the xcbkm-file was not allowed in the forum.

original PDF Bookmarks (excerpt)


new bookmarks (excerpt)



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