Crossing the Streams


Cosmic Mongoose
Many years ago, fans of Glorantha had an attitude that D20 games wouldn’t fit in Glorantha, as Classes and Levels don’t work. Then came 13th Age Glorantha to disprove that notion. Also, many people in the D100 space looked down on D20 games as Classes and Levels don’t work with D100. Then came Classic Fantasy to disprove that notion.

I once mentioned the idea of converting 13th Age Glorantha so that it would work with D100, but the idea was unpopular, as it was considered Crossing the Streams, which is, as we know, like, really bad.

As I like things that are really bad, and had horrendous Writer's Block on Merrie England: Age of Crusade, I looked at how easy it would be to convert 13th Age Glorantha. Not very easy, as it turned out.

Anyway, I have Uploaded V1.0 of the Conversion to basic Roleplaying. Why Version 1.0? Well, it could well have typos and errors, it is missing Bookmarks, as I can't get them to work in Google Docs, and it may well need other material added. This combines the Legend and 13th Age SRDs, but can be used with any D100 game quite easily. It is not a full ruleset, as it recommends buying both Legend, 13th Age and 13th Age Glorantha. It also mentions buying Classic fantasy in the Recommended Books section.

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