Cross Class Skills



Each class description lists which skills are considered class skills for that class, however I can't find any summary indicating which skills are considered cross-class skills. (i.e. can still be taken at double cost in skill points to half the maximum skill ranks)

I am therefore assuming that all non class skills are treated the same and are either a) not available or b) are all available to any class as a cross-class skill.

Am I reading this wrong ?
I have choosen b) are all available to any class as a cross-class skill. It gives more diversity for the players and I haven't seen anything about it in the rules (that I can remember) and even if I did, I would still go for b).
There is a table on p81 of the LW rulebook. All non-class skills are indeed cross-class.

Edit: DOH! I thought I was reading a LW thread. :oops:
A GM might rule that a give skill would only be allowed for a certain class and not allowed even as a cross class skill for other classes if that would fix their campaign.

In the 3.0 version of D20 there were a large number of these restrictions that I believe the original poster was thinking about.

3.5 changed that rule so that all non-class skills became cross class.