Createing new runes


I am looking at adding a rune for Pestilence/Disease. Does any one have any recommendations on what the effects should be for integrating with it? Figured it would most likely be something similar to undeath which gives a reisitance penelty to the target of spells from that rune but wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas.

Also, it seems to me that drawing on the power of disease whould have some kind of negative impact on the integrator, playing with evil powers does have a price after all. Are there anu good examples of this from earlier versions of RQ?
The cult of Mal(l)ia is the obvious precedent. She used the death, chaos and darkness runes in RQ2 (don't have GoG handy for comparison), and had some rather nasty skills and spells. Couldn't find anything useful in terms of rune integration though.
Hey there...just hang tight...I have it on good authority ( 8) ) that your very answer will be covered in spades in Legendary Heroes.

Trust me.

Most effects sucgh as disease are best handled as combinations of runes, as with Malia.

Ask yourself two questions. First is this a fundamental principle of creation, or foundational fact of the cosmos like the elements? If yes then you could consider a rune for it if there isn't already one that can serve. Second is it possible to sensibly model this as a combination of existig runes? If so, then do that.

Simon Hibbs