Core22; Rules Clarification; Skill Specialties (pg58)


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Page 58 states; "A Traveller picks a speciality when they gain level 1 in a skill that has two or more specialities.... A Traveller can have multiple specialities in a skill"

It gives the example of how if a skill goes to level 1 then you get levels 0 in the rest. It says that there can be multiple different levels in each speciality. It does not seem to say for or against what happens if you go up beyond 1 in a level. Do the other specialities rise too just like they did from 0 to 1?

If I have Melee (Blade) at level 4, do I automatically get Melee (unarmed) at level 3? Or does it just remain at Melee (unarmed) 0?
No, the others skills outside your speciality are not raised automatically.

E.g., I choose Gun Combat (Energy) 1.
As part of that, I can now fire Slug or Archaic weapons at skill level 0, avoiding unskilled use penalties.

I then raise my "Energy" to 2. "Slug" and "Archaic" remain at 0.
I then raise "Slug" to 1. "Archaic" remains at 0.
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Related to the original question: How do you handle the science skill? Just because someone is proficient (lvl 1) with philosophy he shouldn't then know about Cybernetics (lvl) IMHO. So far I have ruled that they can only apply lvl 0 to related skills but of course my players objectived.
Life Sciences (Biology, Genetics, Psionicology, Xenology)

Physical Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Jumpspace Physics)

Robotic Sciences (Cybernetics, Robotics)

Social Sciences (Archaeology, Economics, History, Linguistics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sophontology)

Spaces Sciences (Astronomy, Cosmology, Planetology)

They do the same thing with Profession and Art, as well.