Skill specialization and skill packages


Banded Mongoose

At the end of character creation, players get to choose a skill package and the skills are distributed between the players.

If, during character creation, I ended up with no skill, not even 0 in a skill with speciality e.g. electronics, then took electronics 1 in the skills package, would I get:

1 for all the specialities or

1 for a single speciality and 0 for the other specialities or

1 for just a single speciality and be untrained for the others?

On that note, what skill is used for the repair and/or design of gravitic devices? Is it Engineering (M-Drive), is it Flyer (grav) or is it Mechanic?
Engineering - M-Drive (if anything - not all possible skills are generated by PC careers; but I wouldn't stand on that for gravitics). I would also take a customized Science skill if it were rolled by a player interested in it.

Mechanic is always for fixing anything if it's broke, but never for new design of anything.