Core Rulebook 1st ed. Player's Guide


Hello all,

Back in 2008 I asked about any documents that had errata for the Core Rulebook 1st ed. and was directed to the Player's Guide.

Unfortunately, back then I was more interested in figuring out how to use the spacecraft design chapter and integrating HG 2008, sorry but until I have a copy of the new version I don't feel right using 1st ed., into the basic system. The player's Guide's lack of page numbers did not bother me then.

While waiting for the new HG book I'm using the Core Rulebook 1st ed. to build a rough spreadsheet for spacecraft design and checking the Player's Guide for any updates for my hardcover copy. There are, I think my count is right, eleven items contained in the document. I think that I have correctly assigned page numbers to nine of the eleven pages. To ensure I have assigned the pages correctly and get the two page numbers I'm not sure about here is what I came up with.

Player's Guide p. 1
Ship Costs Table p. ? (Update 7:54 AM PST p. 36)
Hivers p. 44
Armour Type Table p. 87

Player's Guide p. 2
Energy Weapons Table p. 100
Grenades Table p. 101
Heavy Weapons Table p. 101

Player's Guide p. 3
Ship Software Table p. 113
Crew Requirements Table p. 113

Player's Guide p. 4
Weapon Range Modifiers Table p. 146
Interplanetary Transit Time Table p. 145
Go Outside p. ?

Someone out there must be a Zhodani noble since I stumbled across the Ship Costs Table page number when I checked the Core Rulebook 1st ed. PDF that I forgot having purchased back in 2008/2009. As of 7:54 AM PST I am down to only one item without a page number.
Here is another update and I may have found the page that

Go Outside!
Player Characters being player characters, it is entirely likely they will somehow end up outside a starship during a jump. They die.
Horribly. A merciful Referee might rule that a character standing on the outside of a ship as it jumps is stranded in normal space but
otherwise healthy. Opening the airlocks while in a jump bubble is suicidal.

My guess is that the above addition is intended for Core Rulebook 1st ed. p. 141.
Hi ShawnDriscoll,

ShawnDriscoll said:
What's the question?

1. Are the page numbers I added correct for the entries listed in the original post?

2. is the suggested page number a fit for the Go Outside! entry listed in Core Rulebook 1st ed. Player's Guide?
Hi again ShawnDricoll,

ShawnDriscoll said:
There's a players guide?

Yes, there is a Player's Guide for 1st ed. Traveller. Starting from the Mongoose Publishing main page go to the RPGs tab, 1st ed. Traveller and on the pop-out menu select Core Rulebooks & Accessories. The Core Rulebooks page opens showing covers of the books. Click on the Traveller Core Rulebook cover and the page opens to product page. Scrolling down the page to the section titled Free Downloads, the sixth, if I can count which is a question some days, is the Player's Guide with the description for the item as The latest updates for Traveller (125 Kb).

The only reason I know about the Player's Guide was that one of the forum members linked me to the page back in 2008 in answer to my question about errata for the Core Rulebook.