Converting Lone Wolf


Okay, this might seem like an odd question, but how well have people converted the Lone Wolf rpg to other systems?

Just to get things clear, I have the core book, and I'm pretty much planning on buying every supplement that is released for it, regardless. But I do have some issues with d20, especially at higher levels.

I could easily make conversions for Tri-Stat or BESM, but I like the feel of each character type being a specific class, seperate from the others.

To that end, I'm curious about converting the d20 rules to Decipher Games' Lord of the Rings system, which uses a looser class-type system in which, as you gain "advancements", you choose to either increase skills, special abilities, or buy into a new class. It's a system which I like, and is still designed for playing highly heroic characters. Each class, or Order, has special abilities, a system which could easily adapt for the Lone Wolf abilities. The trick is getting the bonuses adapted for a 2d6 system as opposed to a d20 one.
You might want to have a look at HARP:

I don't actually have a lot (or any) of experience with it, but being a 1-100 system, conversion from d20 should be easier than to a 2d6 system. The HARP class system sounds like it would have a fair bit in common with Decipher's system (choosing from a range of abilities and skills to purchase on each level, multiclassing).

Anyway, I suggest you have look.