Conversion of Old LW Gamebooks to the RPG


Greetings all,

I'm brand-new to this forum, so I apologize if this post is redundant or out of line.

I want to start with a HUGE thank-you to August and Mongoose for bringing Lone Wolf back into the public eye. I have cherished the old gamebooks for years and feel that their RPG captures the heart and soul of the Magnamund we all love. I very much appreciate it!

I also thought it was awesome that they converted and re-released Flight from the Dark with the rules from the RPG. Although I am in the process of starting a LW campaign for some friends, and am definitely looking forward to some group play in that context, there's also something fitting about allowing people to solo with the new rules. The ability to do both makes the Lone Wolf RPG an absolute must-have. I just played through Mongoose's Flight from the Dark, and I had entirely too much fun. Like rediscovering an old friend.

I'm writing with some thoughts I had in that regard, which is to say relating to the old gamebooks. Given how enjoyable I found it to play through Mongoose's Flight from the Dark, I'm eagerly awaiting Fire on the Water, and all the rest. However, it also occured to me that it's a little unfair to expect Mongoose to churn out a ton of these gamebook conversions (5? 12? 28?) when there's no profit in it for them. And certainly it would be unreasonable to expect great speed in that regard.

So, I was wondering, in a nutshell, if we could help. That is to say, whether those of us on this forum who own the gamebooks could read through the sections and post suggestions for what changes needed to be made. For example, many of the sections (simple decisions) would need no changes, but any skill check section would need to be modified to the RPG rules as would any combat section. We could kick around different ideas for how fights or skill checks needed to be balanced and then playtest as we went. Perhaps a separate forum could even be set up for this purpose.

Speaking personally, I own LW 1-28 and the four Grey Star books, and although I don't have a ton of free time I could certainly devote an hour or so a day to giving suggestions for section conversions, if that would be useful to Mongoose in converting the old gamebooks.

I certainly don't mean to step on any toes, I was just trying to think of a way we could facilitate conversion of the old gamebooks and bring the world of Lone Wolf back to life for everyone...

Please let me know what you think!

Welcome to the boards, Cadak! Here's a beer and the salted peanuts are over there. :D

This idea is great, I guess it would speed up the process immensely.
I also recommend going to the Tower of the Sun where August and many others are submitting great stuff.
There you will find the most dedicated Magnamund fan-club on this side of the Internet.
In fact, it looks like most of the people who submitted new stuff on these boards have moved there...