Conan's Maneuvers for RQ?


I haven't really taken a look at Mongoose's Conan, but I read something about the maneuvers in that system, and they sound interesting. How would they be to adapt to MRQ? Something we might see in Hyborian Adventures?
Do they translate well to RQ? Is it something you've submitted to them that we might be able to see in S & P or elsewhere?
I think they translate well; and as of today I am officially the author of the project, so you should see it in the Hyborian age book. The manoeuvres are one of my favourite parts of the OGL Conan combat system, so I want to see them retained (at least as an option) in the MRQ version.
If I could find my copy of Conan OGL, I'd've updated my thread on this very subject, but as it is... *Grumble*

Because I think the basic MRQ book could use them as cool combat tricks.

I'll be honest, I'm going to try and convert the Runequest Slayers game to it, and more combat options = More to do!