Conan vs. Sauron


Hey Guys, what do you think what would have happened, if Conan was a member of the fellowship of the ring?

I think he would kick Frodo`s butt, take the ring, ride to Mordor, climb over the mountains, slay every Orc and Nazgul in his way and throw the ring in the volcano.

And it`s not Aragorn who will become King of Gondor...
Hehehe, I was planning to make a comic strip about Conan in Middle-Earth (not enough time now, though :( ). Personally, I think Conan would kick Gandalf in the nuts, take the ring and try to sell it to Sauron. Of course Sauron - being kinda like a sorcerer - would try to trick Conan, which is never a good idea. At the end, Conan would take over Mordor and start his own campaign.