Conan RPG Character Sheet

Hi everyone. I've been working on a new Conan Character sheet and I'm close to being done. I'm including a link to the two page verison here. I'll be adding two more pages which cover character description and sorcery.

This work was derived from Patrick Murphy's D&D Chararcter Sheet, with his permission.

I hope you like it. If I've left anything out please let me know.

I used Patrick Murphy's Ronan font. I paid for it. It might seem a little steep to pay 22 dollars for a font, but I use Patrick's Character Sheets and game aids in so many of my games I didn't mind paying the money for the font.

I'm glad you like it and hope everyone gets some good use out of it.
Looks nice, though I'd prefer to see Magic Attack and Power Points on the front page.

BTW, here is the link to a character sheet made by another on here that I helped with a couple of years ago:

And a link to the fillable form version:
I would have liked it on the front page too, but in the end there simply wasn't enough room for it. Since Scholars are fairly rare, I didn't think it would be too bad having it on another sheet.

I could probably make a variant sheet for the Scholar that has that information on the front page. I'll look into it.
I made some room on the front of the sheet for Magic Attack (look under Attack Rolls) and I fit the Power Point block under Hit Points.

I kept the information on the third page as well though.
I am finally getting my group together to start my campaign but have found I don't like any of the character sheets I have seen. Yes, I am picky. And then you posted is perfect!

Thanks for your hard work Rabid, and also for sharing :)
I'm glad you like it! While it did take me a couple of weeks to get this sheet put together, I'd like to also thank Patrick Murphy from Mad-Irishman. The sheets are exact copies of his D&D sheets, I just "Conanized" them.

If you have any requests let me know.
awesome character sheet dude, definately going to be using this in my campaign. it's always been annoying that they never create character sheets with everything that you need/want on them.
I am going to working up a sorcery sheet for scholars in the near future that lists all the names and basics stats of each spell. I was wondering, what other reference sheets would you find useful for your Conan d20 game?
Question, everyone:
is there an _editable_ Character sheet for Conan?
I don't mean a PDF where you can enter the numbers, but rather like an Office document allowing you to edit the sheet itself.
I'm asking because I want to introduce the merged skills in my game, and would like to have the charsheet say "Acrobatics" and "Perception" and so on rather than the standard skill names.
Does anyone have a copy of this character sheet that they would be willing to email me? The original link is broken.

Thanks in advance