[CONAN] Hyborian Age Expletives!


Inspired by the Slaine thread that describes insults, I thought it would be beneficial to Conan GMs to have a similar thread that lists oaths, curses, greetings, and other sayings appropriate for the Hyborian Age.

I mean, everybody knows Conan's famous (or infamous) blurting of CROM! But that swear is really only appropriate for Cimmerians. It would be strange to hear a Nemedian or a Zamorian utter that god's name as a curse.

When in doubt, a GM can add NPC color to his game (and maybe teach the players to be colorful like this, likewise) by simply using the predominate gods of the culture of the speaker. Just about any Hyborian who does swear (some don't, thinking it an offense to their god) will say something like, "Mitra! Woman! I work hard and I demand a prepared meal when I arrive!" A Shemite might say, "Praise be to holy Ishtar!"

This thread is really about the more colorful slang terms, curses, and oaths that you think might be helpful in a game. Maybe you read one in a Conan novel or comic. Maybe you devise one of your own. If you think it helpful, post it here!

To kick things off, I remember a parting remark that Robert Jordan sometimes used in his Conan novels. To a friend or ally, Conan would say or have said to him, "Take a pull on the hell horn for me should you get there first!"

I always liked that one. It's kinda like saying the more traditional, "Till Swords Cross," that you hear in standard fantasy stories.

What about you? Do you have a great expletive to share that would be appropriate for the Hyborian Age?