Conan of Aquilonia and the relations with Cimmeria

With Conan as King of Aquilonia, what do you think the impact is on the relationship between Aquilonia and Cimmeria?

Think there is still tension on the border? Do Aquilonian nobles still water at the mouth at the thought of annexing lower Cimmeria? Do Cimmerian clansmen raid across the border ever summer, terrorizing the towns and villiages of the people who live there?

Or, is there now a certain peace between Aquilonia and Cimmeria now that one of Cimmeria's sons sits on the throne of the greatest, most powerful nation known to exist?

What are your thoughts?


Good question!!!

1. I think the Cimmerians would not be any less hostile to Aquilonia.
Why would they be comfortable with someone who deserted his clan and then became a ruler of a foreign nation, any more so than someone else.
I don't think they would be welcoming AQ troops to Venarium, like the Austrians did when Hitler annexed them in 1938.

2. Why would the Cimmerians stop their cross border cattle raids against the Gunderman and the Tauranians? They still need to feed the clan, right.

3. Do I see Conan try and incorporating Cimmeria in to the AQ empire? Nope, he knows his people would never be subjects of perfumed nobles.

4. What would one side gain from any alliance?
Cimmerians would lose their lucrative border raids and have to pay taxes to the crown.

5. The Cimmerians are one of the poorest people on the planet, the AQ empire would not make a justifiable profit off of them by opening trade routes, and then having to build expensive roads and such, right?
Kull of Atlantis became ruler of Valusia - and was despised by his own people. And made friends with the Picts, allies of valusia but ancient foes of Atlanteans.

So, I would argue that Cimmerians, being a society of clans would either not give a hoot about this new king of Aquilonia - or hate him even more, especially after he had to send troops to fight back the clans who invaded the northern regions of Aquilonia, pillaging, raping and killing.

He would probably not invade the country as such - having participated in the destruction of Venarium he knows that there is nothing to be gained in that except a humiliating defeat.

If push come s to shove he would most certainly retaliate against clans who prove to be a constant und never-ending threat to Aquilonia. But annexing, occupying? No. I would also argue that the invasion of Pictland stops with Conan - nothing much to gain. Invade Nemedia or Ophir instead!


I would see the war against the Picts something akin to the Marcher lordships on the Welsh border in the middle ages - or the Anglo Norman settlement of Ireland. Whatever the royal policy the local lords have a vested interest in continuing a low intensity war in order to claim more territory for themselves.

As to relations with Cimmeria - it's like a provincial becoming Roman Emperor. It doesn't have any real effect on how the empire treats those outside it or on the fringes...