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Is there a font available which is the same as that which is used for the Conan product line at Mongoose? The closest thing I have seen thus far is called "Desperado I", but it is not quite right in some aesthetic respects (narrower characters; T, O and Y noticeably different).
Has anyone knowledge of this?
Desperado is the closest I have found. Unless Mongoose lets us in on the secret I think that is as good as it gets.

Mad Dog
on topic of fonts they have changed the conan logo :shock: to start with it was far more in a tight block and now each letter is clear I like the new one better but has anyone else got a view 8)
The font that Mongoose - and nearly everyone else offering Conan stuff licensed by Conan Properties International LLC - is called Hyborian (natch!).

(You can find this out if you open one of the PDF downloads in a text editor like BBEdit or WordPad.)

The guys at Mongoose tell me that - unfortunately - it's not commercially available.

I add my humble thanks for the link. I downloaded it and am now able to present our campaign's history to my group utilizing this font :)
This is an older topic, but I'd just like to add a thanks to those who answered here. V. useful, especially as the Desperado 1 font has also been renamed "Conan".
Halfbat said:
This is an older topic, but I'd just like to add a thanks to those who answered here. V. useful, especially as the Desperado 1 font has also been renamed "Conan".
Actually there's an even better font than Desperado 1 (as "Conan" still appears in font menus). It's called Ronan - "A bold font evoking Dark Age adventure". It was created by the "Mad Irishman", Patrick Michael Murphy, and is available from MyFonts... for US$22.

This seems to be a pretty faithful adaptation of the official Conan font, Hyborian. Its repertoire is pretty good: while Desperado 1, like many freeware/shareware "fantasy" fonts, doesn't offer much beyond the basic Latin set, Ronan offers many accented Latin and Cyrillic (Russian) characters too. There are a few kerning problems... "IL" for example leaves too little space between the letters. But Patrick seems to have put enough work into this to justify the price tag.

Thanks to zeathiel on the forum for pointing this one out.


PS. Desperado 1 is closest to Hyborian/Ronan when bold and scaled 150%.
I've spoken with Patrick and while he can't nail down the time it takes to work on a font, it does consist of hours per day, for weeks. Also, the software that is used to create a font is not cheap. So, I don't think the price is ridiculous at all.

Fontographer by Macromedia, came with the Macromedia Studio package I bought for 300 or so dollars 5 years or so ago. You can make up a font in no time at all, and the interface is easy. You can even scan a font and recreate it. It has batch functions, so you can manipulate one letter and apply all those changes to the other letters.

There are thousands of free fonts on the net. There are so many and hardly anyone uses them. If you buy a font, it had better be a one and only or it is never worth the price.
Valaryc said:
22$ is ridiculous...pure and simple
Disagree. For a professional font with this kind of repetoire in a single style and weight it's quite typical. Helvetica (the "real" Arial) is $21. You could easily pay twice that for a newly designed typeface.