Conan Favoured Classes

Conan Favoured Class

  • Soldier

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  • Thief

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  • Scholar

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  • Borderer

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  • Barbarian

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  • Noble

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Ive found a pretty wide taste of how to play this game, like everyone does with D20 but conan is by far i think more fun thatn D & D
I find borderers and nomads more like subclasses (e.g. specialized fighters) than true classes.
Aaaarrrrgghhh, Matey!

And what's with the explosion of polls lately??? :shock: :? :roll: :x :eek:

You also forgot Temptress, Rapper-Wannabe-Slacker-Husband, Hairdresser/Confidante, Court Bailiff, Entertainment News Reporter, Out-of-Control-Redhead-Starlet, and Dog-Walker-to-the-Stars! (I guess that would be Hollywood the RPG!) :shock: :lol:
I wondered where Pirate was..

But I voted For Barbarian, my preferred class and Pirate would have been a close second.