Conan Errata?

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I agree with a great deal of what Rikki is saying. An individual paying $30-$40 for this book should expect better from the publisher when this many mistakes have been made. If they have in fact completed a second, revised printing of the item then it stands to reason that they have already addressed (hopefully) all of the errors that appeared in the first printing and should therefore have on hand a list of some sort that details what exactly was altered. That list should be posted.

It matters very little if the manufacturer is offering you, the consumer, a discount on a second printing of this book. When the game mechanics in a campaign sourcebook go through major changes a second edition is warranted and after some reviewing and minor grumbling the newer addition (usually) becomes accepted by the community. However, what we are getting here is a second printing of an item that was so inferior, by anyones standards, that it required a second printing due not to complicated changes in its mechanics but to piss-poor editing and hasty production.

Therefore Rikki is in the right with his demands concerning an update to the errata.

I personally will more than likely purchase the upcoming edition anyway and will also continue to purchase the upcoming Conan sourcebooks. However, if these mistakes become a continuing trend with future Conan products to be released by this company, then they will lose at least two customers.

I also want to apologize to everyone that put real time and effort into this product because most of what is in the book was outstanding and I especially like the much improved combat rules which, in my mind, are superior to nearly all other campaign rules currently in print. It is a shame that for many customers your refreshing outlook on gaming was marred by rule contradictions that should have been caught during editing.

Please keep up the excellent work as I am looking forward to buying my copy of ROK.
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