Conan Character Creation Outline - AE & 1E


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Below are the Conan Character Creation Outlines for Atlantean Edition and First Edition, revised from the one originally made by Jason Durall. (Note, I made 1 minor grammatical correction in the First Edition version compared to the one I posted yesterday in the thread above.) The two versions are the same but for (1) the title line notes which version it applies to and (2) the page number references, and the Atlantean version contains the regular book and Pocket Guide page numbers. Please let me know if you spot any errors!

Atlantean Edition Conan Character Creation Outline

First Edition Conan Character Creation Outline
Very nice. The AE edition will be useful.

I might suggest to include the Temptress base class and favoured races for it with notes regarding what referenced book and pages it is published in.

I thought about that, but figured I'd get the main version straight first and see how space goes. I'll check into though.
Per slaughterj's request, I'll post the other race options here:

Lemurians (of the East [race]), 69 [Ruins of Hyboria]
Acheronian, New Race, 15 [Signs & Portents #6]
Gazali (race), 74 [Ruins of Hyboria]
Khauran: Non-Player Character Race, 294 [AE]; [Not in CRp]
Stygian Subraces: A Breed Apart, 22 [Stygia];
Stygian Hybrid [NPC Race], 22 [Stygia];
Tlatizlan (race), 22 [Stygia];
A Breed Apart: Aquilonian Sub-Races, 29 [Aquilonia]
I'll give some consideration on including them, though the outline is already reaching the max that can fit. At least with them posted here, people will know to consider them as well.