ACTA:B5 Revised Edition Question


Hi All,

I am making a version of the fleet design program I made for ACTA: SF for ACTA: B5. I have a copy of the ACTA: B5 revised edition. Is that the last version of fleet creation rules that was done?

The reason I ask is I have seen threads here that say updated rules for fleet creation were posted in S&P and something called P & P. I was wondering of those rules supersede those of even the revised edition, of or if the revised edition contains the fleet design rules that I should be using for the program.

In them mean time, here is a sample control sheet (3 to a 8.5 x 11 page) and the opening screen. If you saw my ACTA: SF fleet program, you will see the format is basically the same.


Burgers program is a great piece of work that has served us very well - although yours is extremely nice and well put together :)

I also have the set of sheets created on the epic army website which are closer to yours - pm if you want to know more ;)
To answer your question - the revised edition was the first edition. It was followed by a second edition, which was supplemented by P&P (Powers and Principalities).

And while your program would be really great, the work is already out there.