Character Creation cheatsheet


I made a thing using free time and available free resources that is intended to help run character creation for Mongoose Traveller 2nd edition. It is not automated in any way and doesnt do anything for you, just passive crosslinked pages and tables with basic info from across a few books in one place.
A link:
It is not finished yet, there are more careers, species, benefits etc. to list. This leads to a few questions:
1. Will Mongoose leadership tolerate such a thing publicly available? It is shared with intention to help fellow referees, and made with intention to smooth out running character creation. If officials are seeing it as unacceptable piracy, I will make the cheatsheet private again.
2. If the project is acceptable in public space, if someone wants to help with writeups/explainers, typo hunting and with the advent of 2022 version of the core book - finding outdated/changed data.