Conan by e-mail? Can it be done?


Hey fellas,

I've been playing in the Hyborian Kingdoms since the 80s' boxed set came out. Now I've got the new (and AMAZING!) d20 system! Problem is, I've got no takers to play a table-top game with me. :?

Are any of you interested in trying to get a play-by-e-mail Conan community started? I'm sure it would be awesome! I've had very successful pbem conan games before - but NEVER have I tried it with this new system!

If you're interested in playing OR GMing a game, email me! I'll walk you through the process if you wish!
My email address is:

If you know of a forum that is already playing a pbem d20 Conan game, let me know!

Thanks for your time and attention.
Not keen on playing by Email, but I'd certainly be up for a play-by-post game, as would several others here.

I can even offer a site for the purpose. (see sig)

That site looks perfect! I assume we'll have to create our own Conan forum on that site, correct? :) Sounds swell.

Also, do you (or anyone you know) want to be the GM for the game, or do you want to be a player?

This should be great!

Post back soon. :) Let's get this game underway!
-Cyber Savage
Oh, I'm definitely only up for being a player, as I'm already running enough games...


I've created a thread for folks to register interest in the game, all we need now is a GM!
Other sites for play-by-post include (I'm in a Conan game there) (no dice roller) (dice roller)
Okay guys here's the deal:

I'm willing to GM the Conan game. But there is one condition:

Because I'm a newbie to the game system, I'll need a little patience from you guys. If I make a rules error, or overlook something, then please point it out to me, and we'll "replay" that scenerio until the rules are applied to everyone's satisfaction.

If that's cool with you - then I'm willing to jump in to the GM seat.

P.S...I'll be reposting this on the game site so that it won't get burried in these threads! :)

EDIT: Hey there! Just a note: I've notcied the traffic on the tales of legend board AND that someone wants to GM. So....I'll go post my interest in being a player and hopefully, this game will get off the ground!

Mayhem - great site. You rule, Brule.
I am playing and running games on the internet both Kalamar and in the Forgotten realms. the campaing I am running is kind of a nitty gtitty game.
I would love to get into a Conan game either on PBP or PBEM. If someone is running let me know.
Sassin frassin...

TalesofLegend has been down all day, which is very annoying since it is usually very reliable.

But I think we have enough players and a GM to make a go of it.
I have tried the links to the Tales of legend and keep getting a site not found error. Is the link working. I've even tried just typeing in and get nothing.
Its been down all day, but its back up just now.


And down again. Doh.

There was a mahor problem with one of the London Internet Hubs today - I wonder if it is related?


And back again. Huzzah!
Hey guys, is this topic still active? I am very keen on joining a Conan PBEM (or rather, a PBF) group...

I don't have the game, but I am very into the Conan setting and has played roleplaying games for over 20 years, so I think I qualify for it.

I could easily set up a phpBB foprum like this one (visually customized of course) if anyone would be interested. For now I run a roleplaying group dedicated to the Swedish game Drakar och Demoner Trudvang, but my players are currently posting a bit too slowly for the game to flow properly, so in my opinion, the players and GM should be able to make three posts per week, at least.

Personally I am more into character-playing than meta-gaming, evenm though there shoud be heroes and great deeds ;)

Just message me if there would be a GM or gaming group out there looking for new members.


/Chris the Swede
I've heard of DoD! I thought about buying it a few years back, but the books are EXCEEDINGLY expensive and hard to get outside of Europe.

I know nothing about play-by-forum nor play-by-post, but I may be interested, if I could get some help to understand it.
I'd be willing to play. However, I also have never played a PbEM or PBP game...

I'm sort of a newbie to Conan, but have been gaming for nearly 10 years.

Anyway, if anything gets off the ground, I'd be willing to try it out.
I have played Roleplaying games by storyline and instant messanger. Where Gm sets up a die roller on his computer and opens a group chat window. and tells the story and does the die rolling.

Was quite fun for me but alot of people gripe and bitch because they cannot roll their own dice.Or have things their way.

This aspect of PBPOST or PBEM is something new to me and I would like to explore it.

So if any campaighns are being ran and need players ,please let me know.