Conan at Origins

I plan to go on that friday. i plan to pick up tales of the black kingdoms and anything else for the conan line. I might also pick up the monster books also 8)
I just signed up for a player run 1st level - Something about Timber & wolves... Friday in the afternoon.

I'm very disappointed that Mongoose isn't running something! (They seem to be hosting some Sci fi stuff though). Sign me Up Mongoose, I'll run a slot! I have Friday 8am free!
Arkobla Conn said:
Anyone going to be in Columbus Ohio at the end of June for Origins?

it's only a couple of hours away for me and i'm planning on attending i haven't decided which days yet though.
I live in Columbus, but have a busy family life. If I can get away I hope to meet some of you and maybe play some Conan.