[CONAN] A quick and dirty 5e hack for Conan gaming


I have been mulling over doing some S&S with D&D 5e; the fact that the game's focus shifted quite heavily away from magic w.r.t. 3e makes it quite a good baseline. While I work on a full conversion, here's a quick-and-dirty approach:

1- Start characters from 3rd level; I don't see S&S characters starting in the gutter, really.

2- These classes are allowed: Barbarian/Berserker; Fighter/Champion and Fighter/Battle Master; Rogue/Thief and Rogue/Assassin; Warlock (Old One patron only); Ranger (both archetypes could be used; note that it can't cast spells, but MUST use its spell slots to fuel the Primeval Awareness trait.)

3- Humans only. If you want to distinguish the different cultures, I'd say use the Variant human option, and assign the following feats: Civilised: Skilled; Barbaric: Durable; Savage: Savage Attacker; Nomadic: Mounted Combatant

4- Use the optional Sanity and Honor abilities in the DMG.

That's off the top of my head.


Oh, here they are.
I guess one need more time to properly convert stuff and mine old Conan d20 books but it's a start.
I wish real life would give more time for doing proper conversion document...
And I also wished Mophidius did not choose that system, but it happened.
D&D5 really sounds like a better basis for building a new, proper Conan game...