complete REH-inspired timeline

Daubet Herve said:
I just wanted to state that, in my opinion, it'd be better to try to draw a consistent timeline of the REH worlds that trying to fit them in on our realworld timeline.

Well, either I as Dale Rippke are trying to do it - though my point of view on Howard's ficction and the his aren't always the same. 8) But, in some points, where REH didn't fit any date, I think the use of "our realworld timeline" as gap's complement is inevitable...

It is somewhat hard to consider that there was mighty civilizations some 40.000 years ago.

As we know - in the Howard's fiction, Kull lived around 100,000 B.C. - this is possible in REH's tales.

That's all for now, I'll try to stop flooding the post with silly interventions...

There's nothing of "silly" in your comments. :) You want a connection among REH's ages without using facts of our world, but I think Dale "Darkstorm" Rippke is doing the best he can :D. Your comments - whatever they are - will be, in my opinion, always welcome.
Finarvyn said:
Darkstorm said:
Well, here's the next part of this history...

Next: Acheron and the Hyborian Age...
This is really awesome so far!

I agree with you.

Can't wait for the next part to be posted. :D

And I can't wait for the parts that will followed the one you mentioned, like the fall of Hyboria, the Ice Age, the Imperial Atlantis, the last Cataclysm... :D