Howard's Characters, Illustrated


Found the following on the "Coming Attractions" website. Do not know if any one here would be interested in it. Still, the chance to pick up a book with all of these characters done in professional illustrations is to good a deal for me to pass up.

Traveling from the barbaric kingdoms of Conan and Kull to the haunted jungles of Africa with Solomon Kane, and on to the futuristic planet of Almuric, Robert E. Howard captured the very essence of adventure! Many of today's best illustrators help provide a glimpse into the life and work of one of the world's greatest pulp writers. Featuring all-new, exclusive, fully painted work by Gary Gianni, Mike Mignola, Mark Schultz, Scott Gustafson, Glen Orbik, Justin Sweet, Greg Manchess, Jim Silke, Tom Kidd, and others. Also features character bibliographies, rare Robert E. Howard photos, and more. Limited to 3,000 copies. Heavy Stock, Spiral-Bound format.
Publisher: Wandering Star
Soft Cover, 9x13, 32 pages, Full Color $24.95
This book can be pre-ordered from the July PREVIEWS (available June 23rd).
The Diamond Item Code is JUL043328.
Further information provided by Wandering Star's Jim Keegan:
Wandering Star's ultimate goal is to put out the entire library of REH's writings in illustrated limited-edition hardbacks along with mass-market paperbacks through Del Rey. It takes, on average, about two years to produce
one of the books. So the idea here was to create a publication that highlighted the characters from volumes already
released by WS, but more importantly to create new and exclusive paintings to preview some of the characters
from upcoming volumes in the series.
Each painting is accompanied by character/story first publication bibliographies and relevant excepts of REH's correspondence compiled by Rusty Burke. There are also many (I think there's about 15) rare photographs of Howard himself reproduced directly from the originals.

The book is oversized and measures 9.25" X 13.5". It's full color throughout. 32 pages printed on very heavy stock, and spiral bound across the top -- kinda like a calendar. It retails for $24.95 and will be shrink-wrapped.

The breakdown of subjects/characters and artists is as follows:

Cover: by Gary Gianni
ALMURIC: by Mark Schultz
BRAN MAK MORN: by Gary Gianni
BOXING STORIES: by Gary Gianni
CONAN: by Greg Manchess
EL BORAK: by Jim & Ruth Keegan
HORROR STORIES (The Thing on the Roof): by Mike Mignola
JAMES ALLISON (Marchers of Valhalla): by Scott Caple
KULL: by Justin Sweet
RED SONYA: by Jim Silke
SKULLFACE: by Glen Orbik
SOLOMON KANE: by Gary Gianni
SWORD WOMAN: by Mark Schultz

Wandering Star will have its usual booth at the San Diego Con in July and will have copies there (as well as the new CONAN VOLUME 2 hardback, of course). Jim Keegan, Gary Gianni, Mark Schultz, Mike Mignola, Jim Silke, and Justin Sweet will be in attendance.

Also, because some WS collectors requested it, there's also going to be a very limited number of copies signed by all of the artists involved (probably 100 or less. We haven't decided on a price for that yet. It'll depend on how much it costs to ship 100 books around the US for the artists that aren't local to sign).

The book will be available through Diamond (in August/September) and Bud Plant.
They'll be ready to ship just before San Diego Comic Con in the middle of July.

E Nicely

Can't wait for Conan Vol.2. I think I'll wait for the trade paperback, $225 is too much to shell out for 1 book. But I have been going to ComicCon since 1978 and have been known to drop absurd amounts of money there. Hope I don't see the book, the temptation might be too great...$225 isn't really that much, right? :? :roll: :oops: