Clarification of which rule set trumps which.


I haven't been involved in this game system for very long. Perhaps, I guess, long enough to start getting confused with all the different sets of rules. I have the revised box set for ACTA and SFOS. It was my understanding that the revised box set incorporated the rule changes made by SFOS. However, I would have assumed that the ship changes would have been handled the same way. An example... The Raider Delta V fighter in the ACTA revised set has a dogfighting score of +1. In SFOS it is listed as 0. If I was comparing SFOS to the old box set I'd be totally on board with the 0 value. But shouldn't the revised edition and the SFOS be the same? Is it that the rules are the same in both versions but the ships are not entirely?

Add to this the tournament packs, supplements, armageddon, and whatever other rule sets I'm leaving out and I'm not sure what the "official" rules are or how to state this in any game I host.

How do all these rule sets, supplements, and tourney packs relate to each other? Can someone set me straight on this? Using the example above, what should the Delta V's dogfighting score be?

Thanks for any help anyone can offer here.

The following rules are listed in most recent current first.

Armageddon > SFoS > ACTA revised > Rules supplements 1-3 > ACTA

The tournament pack was put together after SFoS, and was mainly for use when picking a fleet for tournament games. There were a lot of minor changes made to many of the ships contained within it. It should also be fully replaced by Armageddon.

As it stands ACTA revised is the current rules set. SFoS and Armageddon are just supplements for it.
Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb the most recent book trumps the others (misprints notwithstanding :) ). The SFOS ship stats should be used until Armageddon is released.
Thank you both...

I would have thought since the revised set came out with the SFOS updates, those updates would have included ship stats as well. :roll:
Just as clarification Zeph, the Revised Boxset included the changes to the original box that were in SFOS, but not the new rules that were in SFOS only.

And Silvereye has the order correct.