The Warlock should be downgraded to war, simply keep the SFOS stats.


While I think Mongoose had the right idea with spliting the EA fleet into different eras of play; and the EA getting better ships as time went on, with the priority level/class of ship rising...

The problem with the 3rd age and crusade lists is the gap between battle and armaggedon. The EA doesn't have a good war choice anymore.

Keep the warlock as a War choice, and adding the Nemisis as an Armaggedon would be a good tweak. As it is, the EA doesn't have much reason to use a Nemisis. The warlock is slightly better in my view... if I were to take 5 armageddon points, I might end up taking a warlock and two nemisis... but I suspect I'd take just a warlock and load up on battle level ships (Marathons and Apollos)

Dropping the warlock down to the sky full of stars level makes a logical progression.... Hyperion and Nova being the main line ships in the early era; Omegas taking over for the 3rd age, with Nova and hyperions supporting; Warlocks being the first implementation of advanced tech and a big leap forward in EA ship design; and in crusade the EA is trying to build a true front line heavy hitter (nemisis) and advanced support ships (delphi, marathon, apollo).

Warlock is a intermediate shp between the 3rd age ships, and the end result of the shadow war.
I think they bumped the Warlock up becuase they wanted to give the 3rd age list an armageddon choice too but quite frankly I dont think they should HAVE such a choice. Besides a Warlock certainly shouldnt be MORE powerful than a BinTak or an Octurian and certainly not a Sharlin!
Early Age should have nothing higher than battle..... Check

Third Age should have nothing higher than war...... and our survey says EH-EH

Crusade should at least have 1 servicable war level ship of the line..... EH-EH
And never forget dant164.

3rd age should not have a armageddon choice, AND a choice at war lvl, that represents a line vessel/fleet centerpiece.

Still EH-EH.

If look at 3rd age war/armageddon and crusade.
Huh same stuff except switch out shadow Omega for Nemesis? Especially since most people consider the warlock to be better anyway :S
The SFOS Warlock was an exellent War lvl ship, and its a shame to see it now as weak armageddon choise.

But I like the tweaks the Omega has gone trough, tough the command version is still woefully inadequate for a war PL lvl.

I actually think the Warlock is a reasonable Armageddon choice but that's beside the point. I'd much, much rather see it at War level with SFoS stats (or similar depending on what happens in v.2) for the same reasons as stated above.

The Nemesis (along with several other Armageddon ships) could do with extra crew then it would actually be taken as an Armageddon choice as opposed to ignored in favour of the Warlock and Battle level choices.
Yes thats what id prefer too.

And to calrify my pretty muddied post above.

3rd age has an armageddon choice, what for? But they do not have a solid war lvl choice.

Warlock is a pretty nice armageddon lvl ship, but id prefer to see it back at war (Gonna use preludes Nikes for that). First the background fits nicer. And it gives the fleet an extra edge back.
Well, thinking about the Warlock as Armagedon level Pl, You could use 4 Primus At Battle Pl agaist the Warlock, The Warlock have any chance to win in that situation? :roll:
Not in that situation the Warlock is a fleet ship. Then its is far better.

But the problem is more, that the 3rd age fleet list, does not possess a good war lvl ship. (Like early era) Yet has a solid armageddon choice?