Character Journal Update


I've placed a new version of my basic - 4 page character journal and add-on pages on my wiki site if anyone wants to use them.

I'll be working on some GM specific sheets like combat trackers and the such soon.
My, you have been busy.

:idea: You should really look into the OGL for RQ, bundle all this stuff together and put it up on drivethrurpg or some such and make a little off it it. I think a lot of people would pay a buck of two or a nice bunch of pdf sheets.

You doing the work, why not reap a little reward?

Just wait a bit so that us folks here have a chancwe to download them. :D
Thanks for the compliments, I'll likely take and see about producing a few adventures after the ogl is released to the public, or locations and the like.

I might even consider making a spiffed-up version of the whole journal