Cener Druid History Question...

Kal Sunrider

In Magic of Magnamund, it states that the Cener Druids were once benevolent and good, and then all the sudden one day they became evil and performed the ritual that created the Great Plague. Is there any explanation for their turn to evil anywhere? Just something I'm curious about; an entire organization of good people suddenly turning around and becoming one of the most reviled groups in the world is a pretty momentous occurrence, usually not something that "just happens".
Probably not, their betrayal was probably masterminded and hidden very well until it was time for them to strike. No one noticed what hte ceners where upto until it happened.
As far as I recall there is no explanation for the sudden betrayal in the books (some one please correct me if I am wrong). Perhaps they had always planned it, and only pretended to be benevolent in order to gain acceptance throughout the civilised world.
I don't know if i'm correct, but i think that in this turning there's Agarash's claw. I mean, the Elder Magi and the Ancient Races burned Agarash and Naaros, and soon after (for Magnamund standars) a group of good druids become evil, power driven and so on, with the knowledge for crafting a disease focused on the ones who defeated Agarash...
I think they didn't really turn evil.

They just reflected that in order to save wildlife, it was better to make it... Ahem... How may I put it?.. "wildundeath"... ;) :mrgreen: :lol:

You will admit that undying lifeforms are not dead. Okay, they're not living either, but the Cener druids are working on the glitches... ;)
There's a couple of good ideas there...
In the RPG, paticularly the Darklords supplement, Naar is refered to as 'The Corrupter'. I don't recall this title from the original game books, but if we accept it then it makes sense that Naar could lead a formally good group into doing evil, especially if this can lead to the (near) destruction of those who brought about the downfall of Agarash. Loresword may be onto something there.
I suspect Cornichon's suggestion may be a touch tongue in cheek but it does suggest another possibility. Perhaps the Cener druids see other races as being out of harmony with nature. As such they may try to restore what they see as the natural balance by exterminating or enslaving anyone who does not fit their twisted world view.
Here is an idea, because the timeline of the world is so long, it was compressed, so what appears to be an overnight turn, could in reality have been decades in the making, (which would be a few generations), so who knows if it really was as sudden as all that?
toothill man said:
all the dwarfs seem to know is the buggers whent nasty and tryed to take us with them :evil:

But they didn't. and we are known and respected throughout Magnamund now, and they are locked in thier stinky forest (which why we have not burnt to the ground yet, I do not understand)


Maybe the druids are hidden in the forest from all eyes (ie. no one knows their continuing existance), or the forests have some kinda magickall defenses, or the Elder Magi are just "too nice", or the dwarves too thick-headed, or...

of Al

Undead creatures do not register on the Magi Lifeform Scans. ;)

Imagine for a moment: Undead trees. Undead fragant flowers and undead bees, undead badgers, undead squirrels, and so many more undead cute little furry creatures.


Isn't this the best way to preserve wildlife? Apart from pickling it, of course...

I say Cener druids are SO misunderstood... ;)