New Class: Cener Blightbearer

Zager Krahl

Something that I came up with while writing my Drakkar adventures. One of the missions features some Cener interactions, and I thought it would be nice to have a character class for them, even if it was just a low-level Cener and not a full druid like the guys in The Plague Lords of Ruel.

My text descriptions are not yet complete, so the style will be a bit informal in the beginning. Will update as I get time.

Cener Blightbearer ( -> Druid -> Plague Lord)
- not full druids yet
- act as agents of Ruel to spread the Cener cults
- rely less on magic and more on subterfuge and manipulation to establish themselves and their covens in new areas
- know enough about herbcraft and necromancy to be deadly opponents though

01 - Claws of Skardos
- cat-like claws sprout from fingertips of one hand
- use as weapon to make regular melee attack; can still wield shield or off-hand weapon with other hand
- make unarmed strike (taking -4 CS penalty) with +1 CS per character level divided by two (rounded up)
- strike only successful if character's attack deals at least 1 point of ENDURANCE damage to the target
- successful strike injects venom into victim
- venom causes victim to double all ENDURANCE points lost in combat for two rounds thereafter

02 - Rodent Familiarity
- can communicate with rats and other rodent-like creatures
- gain bonus equal to half of character level (rounded up) to any Tests involving Vazhag
- cannot catch any disease or contagion usually transmitted by rats or other rodents

03 - Curse-shield
- creates a small magical shield attached to the character's off-hand arm
- gives character +2 CS, +2 EN for duration of combat
- cannot be used at the same time as Mindreap
- can only be used unarmed or with a one-handed weapon

04 - Mindreap
- character can make Mindforce attacks
- can be used against a maximum of 4 opponents per round of combat
- CS bonus given = half character level, rounded up
- CS bonus increases as more opponents attack the character during the same round - i.e. +1 CS vs. first opponent, +2 CS vs. second opponent, +3 CS vs. third opponent and +4 CS vs. fourth opponent
- use of Mindreap damages the character for half of CS bonus, rounded down - i.e. 0 EN vs. first, -1 EN vs. second and third, -2 EN vs. fourth
- cannot be used at the same time as Curse-shield

05 - Carrion Sifting
- can investigate any corpse and make deductions based on its state, regardless of how old/decomposed the corpse is
- can harvest organs and/or valuable organic material from any corpse
- can make crude bone weapons from corpse material, without requiring any equipment or supplies (so the character will never be unarmed as long as they can find a corpse)

06 - Pest Infection
- can act as carrier for most diseases without suffering from the symptoms or side-effects thereof
- character can consciously transmit any disease they carry by touching another being

07 - Mindcloak
- character can defend themself against hostile Mindforce attacks

08 - Rank Herbcraft
- can plant and cultivate unnatural plant growths that have accelerated growth and can respond to rudimentary mental commands from the character
- can extract poisons and/or valuable organic materials from any plant
- can corrupt seeds and fruit to become poisonous without showing any outward sign; corrupted fruit will deal half character level, rounded up, in EN damage when consumed

09 - Deception
- can add half character level, rounded up, to any Tests involving character interactions and subterfuge-related activities
- gets 50% increase to any ambush bonuses
- when attacking an opponent already engaged in melee combat with another opponent, the character gains a 50% increase to any bonuses they would normally be entitled to

10 - Hypnotism
- can plant mental suggestions in the minds of weaker-minded individuals
- if fighting a living melee opponent that has no Mindforce defense, they deal 1 point less EN damage per round to the character because of the character's hypnotic influence

Will update soon...