Card Game: Wounding yourself is treasonous?


If you play a card that wounds yourself and you're not a Traitor yet, is that Treasonous? (Some missions require that you receive at least one wound, so this happens at times)

Example: The end is near, and the TB needs 1 wound. Time to use that Laser Pistol on himself. Oh, but he's not yet a Traitor, so that gives him 1 Wound token and 2 Traitor tokens. Ouch, those 2 Traitor tokens made him a Mutant Commie Traitor, and the mission ended! In the Internal Investigation, the Computer had the TB executed, as was befitting him.

Ultimately you must look at it through the optical sensors of the Computer. Wounding non-traitors is Treason, so if you shoot yourself when you are not a Traitor you are damaging valuable Computer property and you receive Treason tokens.
Yeah, thinking more about it, shooting yourself is treasonous sounds very Paranoia, so that's how we decided to play it.

So, the answer is either follow the rules as they stand (i.e. hurting yourself isn't treasonous, because the rules say you only get Treason tokens for damaging others) or make up a house rule and make all damage to property of The Computer a treasonous act.