Campaign Idea for 2260

Okay, just wanted to get some feedback on a B5 campaign I'm working on. I have 5 players and they would fill these roles, based on their personality. I just wanted to outline the character, and give them the joy of creating them. They would start out at 7th level:

*Minbari Warrior, Minbari Male
*Technomage, Human Male
*Underworld Boss, Dilgar Male, leader of a detailed organization, created by PC
*Narn Male, Assassin working for underworld boss
*Earth Alliance, Human Male, Commander - EAS Agilent (Hyperion) or Centauri Telepath under the employ of said Underworld Boss

Prominent NPCs (so far):

*Lt. General Aaron Macross - Human Male, EF, PC's former Commander, in charge of Special Weapons division as cover, really a member of Military Intelligence, secretly against President Clark
*Lt. Cmdr Onari Kim - Human Female, EF, ExO of the Agilent, loyal to President Clark's regime
*Lt. Vladimar Petrov - Human Male, EF, Sec Chief of the Agilent

*Zilchah - Vree Male, Advisor to Underworld Boss
*Renjen Denari - Male Centauri telepath retainer
*Gorvat - Drazi Male, Underworld Boss's bodyguard
*Giva - Drazi Male, thug under Gorvat
*Maat - Drazi Male, thug under Gorvat

*Vultan - Male, Minbari, PC's commander

*Kindas - Male, Human, Technomage, Circle of Elders, mentor to PC
*Tovan - Male, Vree, Technomage, making allies with the Shadows
*Idris - Female, Centauri, Apprentice of Tovan

Here's what I have so far. I'm trying not to make things too complex, but complex enough to make the PCs think and then be surprised with the unexpected. Essentially the Dilgar Crime Boss is kinda like a godfather, who blames the destruction on his home system's sun on some shadow-like creatures :wink: he saw before he was captured by EA forces. The Narn assasin under his employ (who - sit down for this one - is an EA agent for Macross, who the Underworld Boss knows that he's an agent, but not for whom and tolerates it for the time being) spots Shadows during one of his contracts (don't ask me how, I'll come up with a plausible reason). Reporting to the Dilgar, the Dilgar wants to investigate and ultimately seek revenge. Background on the Dilgar: he was captured by EA forces, saved by Macross and handed over to the Minbari (Vultan) when Macross realized that the Dilgar couldn't live with the EA and the rest of the Non-Aligned Worlds.

The Dilgar realizes that he can't pursue this by himself, so he calls in favors, namely information about the shadows to Vultan and the possiblity of advanced tech to Macross (who he's sold advanced tech to before). Vultan sends his protege (the PC), Macross sends his own protege with a Special Ops ship under his jurisdiction (the Agilent and the PC).

They meet and discuss the impending threat...I'll give each PC how much they know about the Shadows. The Technomage that will be a bit more interesting...he will know quite a bit about the Shadows. Basically I envision two factions of Technomages remaining after the rest flee. One wanting to defend the races against the shadows, the other wanting to embrace shadows and their tech (which I think are the basis of the technomage's tech). There are other Technomages trying to set up their own worlds and kingdoms elswhere, but they are not relevant to the beginning of the campaign. Technomage PC's mentor plants info about his existence with the Dilgar's Vree aid and tasks the PC to get the other PCs to help him take out a technomage from the other faction in return for his help. After that (if they live) the technomage is to aid the PCs and collect his own data as to the plans of the Shadows.

That's the setup and at least the first couple of chapters. Obviously I'll be getting more ideas and details when I get my hands on the handbooks (they're on their way) and when the players finish their characters. What about the descrimination against the Dilgar...possible issue, especially for the crew of the Agilent, but then again the Agilent isn't just a ship of the line...they're used to getting their hands dirty and they're all human. Outside the PCs and their henchmen, however, the Dilgar needs to keep himself on the down-low...other non-aligned world races would hunt him down and kill him. His activities during the Dilgar war will be a subject that the other PCs will have to deal with (still undetermined at this point).

Where do I go from there? A confrontation with the Shadows? Um, unlikely a direct one using force, the shadows would absolutely kick their butts. I was thinking of three points I would like to touch on, though, and mesh it into the campaign, possible using the Shadows as a catalyst, but not the main thrust (in fact, I could use Shadow agents instead; Drakh...who were those blurry shadow agents from Crusade??):

1) A rivalry with the Rangers, vying for the same objective.
2) A meeting with the Shadows or their representatives.
3) The stumbling upon (or following the trail unknowingly of) an ancient Jumpgate, created by an unkown, malevolent race, another threat (giving the PCs the thought it was ALL about the Shadows, and then pulling the rug out from under them).

Any ideas, comments, or critiques?

Green X Lantern
Sounds good a good balance between the complex and the possible to unravel.

One thing though, I do hope your players are Net Illiterate because you are in deep batha poodoo my friend since you have spilled the beans about the central intrigue to your campaign.

Unless you use this forum as a source of disinformation, in which case you are a sneaky bastard my friend and wothy of praise as a GM :wink:
<LAF> They're net literate, but don't do much surfing like I do at work. Second, they probably don't know of this board. Finally, they don't know about this campaign yet. Currently we're running a D&D campaign and this would be happening probably after July of this year. I want to really plan this one in secret and work on the details. In the past I've always been rushed into starting the campaign. I'm taking this one slowly and secretly...

Green X Lantern
Disinformation? What? :D