Building Background


If you've dipped into the Wars rules, want to build up your background knowledge, can't wait for the next supplement to arrive and aren't adverse to owning a collectible card game... then I recommend getting your hands on Incursion and Nowhere to Hide, the first two sets of the Wars CCG. It seems as good a time as any, as you get both sets cheaply from various sources - including eBay and various online trading card dealers. I just picked up 36 pack booster boxes of Incursion and Nowhere to Hide for $47 (or just over £25)... a steal, basically. That's more than 1000 pieces of background material - characters, locations, planets, ships, vehicles, weapons, etc.
I pcked up 2 of the incursion decks for a fiver a piece in an FLGS the other week, they offered me boosters at a £1 a pop to get rid of their stock.

Maybe after pay day.

You can also visit the web site I built for the WARS TCG called Essential Wars. I have all the cards in a searchable database along with card images.

Essential Wars

I would still suggest buying the cards as they can be bought at a very low price.
By way of further explanation, the £25 I paid for the two boooster boxes INCLUDED two lots of airmail postage, as the boxes came from two different people. I think paying 37 pence per booster makes it worthwhile.
Hank's site is awesome. If you haven't seen it, you should.