I read a snippet of information from the Tir-Nan-Nog sourcebook about the character Brota. I'm not altogether sure if he originated from the comic or was made to make the Slaine RPG more interesting.

A eternal warrior in the same tradition as Slaine, though I Viking chieftain instead oif a Celtic king travelling the streams of time & having been plucked from them by Myrrdin. He now resides with him at the ever living ones citadel on top of Snowdonia. He fought at the battle of Clontarf when he was swapped over with somebody else.

Was that other person Elfric?

It sort of makes sence to me, as mentions that in Time-killer Elfric had replaced the Viking leader to challenge Slaine.

If this is true, then I think it complicates Slaine's involvement with Myrrdin. Who always seeemed like such sinister character.

The again I guess theyre all abit complicated really.
Elfric was brotas commander in chief and I think the person who replaced him was the leader slain beacaue the demon fealt like it after making him burn his own eye out with a candle.
slaine time killers elric is CoC of the viking forces and slays one of the viking heroes out of hand I always belived that he was the replacement but you are welcome to prove me wrong old boy :D
So, what your saying is that Elric killed & replaced Brota's replacement.

That's much clearer now.

For while there I thought you were saying that Slaine is Elfric's number two.

Anyhow, I'll just flick through my copy of 'TimeKiller'.
the prog is called this is the man we want you to kill,slaine and the other person is called ragnell but it states in that chapter that elric commands the vikings the prog before states the kings child was slain(ie killed)
I came across that bit.

Brotor is hanging around with Myrrdin, after Slaine lands the Knucker on the Eternal Fortress. You don't get to see his face cause he's wearing a tribal mask, & gets it blown off when grappelling with Lord Weird Slough Feg alittle later. But that's a different story.

There is another character in similar garb, but know one address's him so we don't get to find out who that one is.

All the extra imformation about Brotor ( Correct spelling.) must have benn expanded upon with writing of the RPG. Unless I missed that vital background information some where else.

Meanwhile, Elfric, was swapped with the son of the Norse King.