Greetings and Salutations,


Once I was known here as....


Yet, after getting bored with that I decided to change it to....


Which felt more fitting considering my interest in Slaine and his world!

After, some problems with remembering my password I changed it to....


Well known for being Slaine's famous axe!

Now, I return and had to change my forum name again for the same reasons as before....


Is what it is now!

Yet, it's only name and no indication of my position or appearance.

If I could upload avatar picture.

You would find me much better looking, providing I don't show my teeth.

Avagddu of course the dark god son of one of the three manifestations of the Earth Goddess (If I remember that correctly, please let me know if I got it wrong without being rude about it!)

As well being one of the official Celtic pathenon of god/goddess's in the real world.

He made a appearance in Slaine the King where he would abode in the [Cauldron of Blood (Or Cauldron of Plenty or even another version of the Holy Grail!(Now, that I think of it, weird!!!! Since Slaine and the this relic were around before the birth of Christ!) and feed on the blood of Formorian's slaine by the axe of Slaine :)roll:) or anything unfortunate enough to cross's his path defiling the sanctity of northern tribes of the Earth Goddess.

Yet, on this occasion, he jumped out (The Cauldron is kind of like the T.A.R.D.I.S. in the same respect that the space inside it appears much larger than you would expect. It's like a another dimension in there and could lead one such as Slaine to the home realm of the Earth Goddess or the Land of the Dead or any of the other two L worlds if he so wishes to enter the cauldron. Normally it would feed any brave warrior who would reach inside it with a fork (See Cauldron of Plenty, right!) and restore the dead to half-dead or any hero back to life (Just like Slaine, and this was done after he was needed to work for the Goddess again in Slaine - Demon-Killer just after he was ritually slaine :)roll:) after his seven year rule as Sun-King of his tribe!) and started eating them alive out of impatience.

In Slaine - The Horned God, He was also employed by the evil sorcerous Medb to kill Slaine while she kept him busy. I think she drugged him. Anyway, attacking the youthful husband of Naimh (Slaine's first love, but they were temporarily separated after agreeing to see other people. She became married to this man called Rudraige (Forgive my bad spelling and memory, but I can't be bothered re-researching this right now!) for a year and a day. He lost his hand to the foul beast and Slaine intervened by forcing it to feed on itself.
Shoving it's own fist down into it's mouth until it's beastial hunger took over!

Almost completely....

Once again, don't judge me by my choice of username. I don't do this type of thing really.

It was known to be the dumbest and ugliest creature known to Tir-Nan-Og (The Land of the Young (You can interpret that anyway you like!) and also what would become the British Isles including Ireland (Slaine's official home.) and yet it had some sort of unknown quality about it. I not really sure about it's intelligence, yet it's ugliness could be as it was illustrated by Glenn Fabry could only be imagined as some kind of beast of unknown genus, a moving advertisement for gangrene.


Simon Bisley's version looked way more reptilian, muscular and less rotten, but equally green and semi-corporeal as it moved like half-solid mist or vapour.


So........where were we with Slaine,

Any news about a new Slaine role playing game or additions to the old D20 one or the one made for Runequest?


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We have been looking at the possibility of a Legend-based Slaine, but it is a little ways off yet...


Either you some other mod on this forum mentioned that when I was using the previous name Brain-Biter and now have copy of the core rules for Legend somewhere in my room.

I do hope there is more....

Was hoping that you purchase the rights to the Paladium - Rifts role playing a game and have that adapted for Slaine. As it's a very detailed rules system that incorporates science fiction with sword and sorcery styled fantasy. Perfect if you what to go to Cythrawl and fight the Cythrons using forbidden weapons.

I was buying a lot of their stuff as well.

I think those rules could adapted for other 2000AD such as Judge Dredd, (Instead of adapted version of Traveller), Strontjum Dog, Nemesis the Warlock, and Rogue Trooper. I know those last two were never used here or anywhere else. I do hope they all get their own game. Where all of them are using the same system that covers all their genres.

I'm thinking of changing my username to Avagdude, but some advise from here is needed about that first and then it can be my official nickname.