I've Been Meaning to Ask About Slough Feg.....


I been playing this game called Demi-God via a purchase and download from Steam.

There is this character called the Torchbearer


He's described to have lived amongst the Vinlings who sound a lot like Vikings,
and have some mystical control of the elements of fire and ice. He was infatuated with the daughter of some important person who was warned that the powers of this strange young man who wanted his daughter would only attract evil and wrath of the gods.

So, he invited him to gathering inside his this building and locked him up inside the abode while setting it on fire. There must have been pools of burning oil inside.

Lots of Vinlings dies that night in the heat of the flames, their flesh burnt to blacked charr and then just dust, but not this man who rose from the flames, his flesh to was burnt and then he became this thing called the Torch-Bearer.

Now that I think of it....Vinlings may be derived from Vineland which was the Viking name they gave to what is now called America.

The point I'm trying to make here is that he reminds me of the evil-high-Drune-sorcerer Lord-Weird-Slough-Feg who looks much the same with his own horns or horned helmet and skinless body. The charred remains of flesh on his counterpart look close enough to me.

I think that not either of them have any skin between them.

I though this game would be excellent using character's from Slaine or even most characters from 2000AD.....

With the other villain like....

Elfric Serpent-Eye

Balor of the Evil Eye,


Who ever was the Midgard-Bezerker-Ruler?????,


As well as Slough Feg,

And some Good Folk......

Myrrdin Emyres,

or Cathbad,

Any or All Other Three of the Good Rulers from the Earth Goddess Tribes,

Niamh, (Who can purchase the use of the Sword of the Moon more cheaply since she was in possession of it for most of the time![/b]

Nest of the Speckled Face

& Slaine MacRoth (Who can purchase the Knucker as well forbidden leyser weapons.)

The Cauldron could be permanent artifact always belongs to the side fighting for the Earth -Goddess. Maybe all of it's abilities could upgrades, liking healing, and refiling mana as well as bring your hero back from the dead which is common in the game as it is.

They would play over various battlefields of Tir-Nan-Og like Dinas Emryes and Cythrawl perhaps defending their own fortress's.

Yet, what I was going about are the exact powers and abilities of Slough Feg.

I sure he can control all the elements, not just fire and ice and animals as well as rise prayers for lifting the flying ships into the sky.

Anything anybody wishes to add and do they like my idea?

Purchase the game, it's fun...and it's MODable :)


On second thought, I think the Vinlings were another name for the American natives. Which makes better sense, but I think they are really total ficticous.