Brakiri 5 point Raid game versus Minbari

Which fleet choice do you think he should make?

  • Choice 1: more ships enabling more chances of beating stealth

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  • Choice 2: Take the E-Mine takata and small skirmish ships

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A friends of mine is playing the Brakiri in a mini -c ampaign we are playing currently. This week he is in a 5 point raid game against the minbari. I have suggested he take the following from his fleet roster:

1 x Kaliva
1 x Haltona
1 x Halik ( has to have about 10RP's of repairs done to it though as it was heavily damaged in its last outting versus my Narn)
1 x Ikorta ( he will have to buy)
1 x Brikorta ( he will have to buy this also)

I have suggezsed these to himas it will give him plenty of chances of breaking stealth and it will also split the fire from Minabri too ( plus only 30 RPS tops in total).
However he has been thinking of the following:

1 x Takata
1 x Ikorta
1 x Brikorta

He is looking at this because of the fact that the Takata has the 16AD of e-mines, but he would have to purchase all these ships ( 45RPS)

The Minbari forces I believe are likely to be something along the lines of:

1 x Veshatan
1 x Teshlan
2 x Tigara


2 x Veshatan
1 x Tigara

Do you think its wise for my frind to keep thinking more about e-mines or do you reckon he should go in with a bigger fleet to give him more oppurtunities. Or do you have a better or alternative idea for a fleet to field against the Minbari?

His current roster is:
1 x Kaliva
1 x brokados
1 x Halik ( requires 10 RP of repairs)
1 x Haltona

plus 66 RPS

While the emines will damage the minbari, and take out his fighters, it won't take out his ships. Since emines can't do crits, your only looking at peppering the hull for a turn or two. Meanwhile the minbari will have the time to take out the emine launcher. Once that ship is gone he has nothing to fall back on. So it's a one-trick pony that, IMHO, isn't much of a trick.
E-mines can't crit, true, but they can do damage against an enemy you may never get to shoot due to the Stealth factor. And Minbari ships are not that, those E-mines, IIRC, can fire every turn.......
Yes he could fire th ee-mines every turn, but what I am worrying about is that the fact that Veshatan's are going to be able to soak the damage from a max of 16AD per turn no worries. after all they have 56 Damage points which is tough for a Minbari ship - and if you are doing 4 or 5 dam per turn in return for the probable 6 or 8 pts it inflicts on the Takata - most is double damage precise so nasty crits too!! And if the Veshatan concerntrates all firepower I think the Takata is in serious trouble!! Hence me suggesting taking a wide array of ships, THe Takata will attract a lot of firepower and I don't think would be a decent return of resource points.
Apache said:
And Minbari ships are not that durable..........

A commonly believed myth

in SFOS the Minbari work out as far tougher than the other fleets if you factor in the wasted firepower which stealth causes.
Combine that with some truly horrificly tough ships, the Veshatan is an incredibly tough ship for battle level capable of taking more damage than almost any other ship of that level AND still benefits from stealth!

I say go for the big tough Brakiri ships and get in close, hit him with as much fire as possible. good tough ships such as the Batrado, Halik etc

go for more ships not less
I would take the larger fleet, against the minbari, e-mines might ignore stealth, but you will be lucky to do anything more than scratch the paintwork. E-mines are only useful for anti fighter duties these days, and as Brakiri have an AF turret on each ship, it's not worth taking the Takata. However a number of haliks, and Ikortas, getting in close can split fire, beat some stealh, maybe get a crit or two. I found Ikortas fielded as a squadron can be really nasty with there al round fire. The brokados only use here i suspect is for fighters. 4 of them. Ditch it, and take a few patrol wings instead, more fighters to try and get that all important stealth lowering!!
I agree. More Ships means more guns which means more chances to shoot right through stealth, and considering that most Brakiri weaponry is at least AP? Knocks most of the hit rolls to 4+.
Got to agree with the vote for more ships. I like the Takata but at Raid level it is just too many eggs in one basket. At Battle or War level against Minbari it might be worth taking but Raid you will need the extra hulls.
After reading the E-mine nerf (which totally hoses the Narn) I recommend taking more ships.

As an aside, all they had to do to 'fix' the e-mine was simply state that even on damage rolls of 6, it still never critted; now 1/3rd of all e-mine hits bounce off the bulkheads.

Not quite the effect I thnk they had in mind...