AAR 5 War point battle.


The following is a report on our recent 5 War point battle between the Minbari and the ISA with their League lackies. We were playing on a chipboard tabletop, so no pictures unfortunately.

The Fleets were:


Sharlin x2
Tinashi x2
Tigara x2
Torotha x2



Enforcer x2
White Star x2


Xill x2



The battle was fought on a largely clear sector except for a barren planet close to the mid line and to the left of centre for the Minbari. A Minbari squadron of the two Sharlins and their Ashinta escort setup to the right of the planet, with the Sharkaan, a Tinashi and a Tigara further right; facing off against the Vree and Brakiri. On the left the remaining Tinashi, Tigara and the Torotha squadron faced the much heavier firepower of the ISA. The Opening phase (turn 1 of 3) saw the ISA alliance largely outranged or out stealthed by the Minbari. The Sharlin squadron savaged the main enemy threat, the Takata, leaving it with heavy structural damage but more tellingly, with all but its' starboard weapons offline. The Sharkaan tried to finish it off but its beam only scored a glancing blow by comparison. The first Tinashi scored damage to an ISA Gunship, and then the second, the Tineka, crippled a Xill with a powerful strike from its Neutron laser. The ISA manage to bruise then finally destroy a Tigara but not before it heavily damaged a White Star, while the combined League forces damaged the second Minbari brawler. The Torotha and some Nials added minor additional damage to the White Stars. (the Alliance moved their forces as 4 squadrons, while the Minbari had more single ships for the activation advantage. Minbari also won initiative all 3 turns).

In the mid phase (t2) the ISA advantage on the left began to tell. Their Gunship/Enforcer squadron managed to get a solid lock on the Tinashi guarding that flank and their combined firepower turned the Minbari warship into floating atoms. The Whitestars tried to circle in behind the Sharlins. The Minbari had anticipated this and the Sharlins turned sufficiently to bring their heavy rear arc firepower into play. The Torotha also chased the Whitestars and the Ashinta broke formation to lend its weight to the battle on the left flank. In response to the rapidly escalating threat environment one of the Whitestars decided to skin dance the Ashinta. This manoeuvre saved the Whitestar but its partner was overwhelmed by the combined fire and disintegrated. The Sharlins turned their forward beams on the Brakiri and Vree, damaging both the Kaliva and second Xill. The Tineka completed its work and vapourised both damaged Xills, but not before they took out the Benelona...the Tigara listing away ablaze from stem to stern. The Ashinta took minor damage from the Whitestar and added to the Gunships wounds. There was some good news for the Alliance as their Whitestar fighters started to shoot down the inferior Nials in numbers. The Sharkaan again added only minor damage, this time to the Z'Takk.

The end phase saw the Enforcers start their attack run on the Sharlins, and the majestic Vree capital ship close to knife fighting range. The mighty Tineka turned toward the approaching ISA, the Ashinta flew through the enemy formation and began to swing around the planet, and the rest of the Minbari prepared to engage the Vree and remnants of the Brakiri. The Sharlin Drala Fum was lit up by multiple scouts and while it punished the Vree and ISA Gunship, the firepower of the 3 ISA large ships was merciless and it fell apart, its entire crew already dead. In desperation Minbari flyers engaged the newly arrived heavy Vree fighters but were unable to prevent them from heavily damaging a Torotha frigate. The Tineka took heavy damage from the skin dancing Whitestar and some secondary weapons, but gave as good as it got with beams and mini beams lashing out at enemies all around. The Vree Z'Takk took a pounding from multiple weapons until it was left a lifeless hulk, with only a few squadrons of fighters left to avenge it. The Ashinta sprayed the Takata with minibeam fire but the reslient Brakiri ship just refused to die. Both Brakiri ships had been savagely battered with virtually no intact systems, but neither had been broken.

However, the alliance was shattered. The Vree were gone and the Brakiri two hulks barely moving under their own power. For the ISA things had gone a little better, but one ship was gone and the remaining Whitestar and the Gunship heavily damaged, and they were facing the firepower of 2 undamaged Minbari War ships with support. The remaining ISA ships decided not to die for the one and opened jump points and escaped.