books & toys for paranoia

I believe they're all at least GREEN Clearance. Books and magazines might be anywhere from GREEN up to ULTRAVIOLET or even outright illegal, depending on their content. But you can probably pick them all up on the IR Market without trouble, or borrow them from the nearest Romantic who hasn't been brainscrubbed.
I would suggest:

Roleplaying Books - YELLOW Clearance... the same as Dementia XP from STUFF.

Frisbees - either make them low Clearance R&D gear or high Clearance... just because.

Squirt Guns - BLUE probably, or even illegal. Looks like a fake Ice Gun to me, citizen. Do you have the relevant permits to carry that deceptive device?
here's another set of items!
cameras,squirting & otherwise?
poison rings?
muppet show video cassetes &/or dvds?
comic books?
and/or dogeballs?
At this point, Abe, I think we should fall back on the golden rule of PARANOIA: Every Gamemaster is always right. Whatever clearance you think those objects should have, that's the clearance they have.
Gamemaster, abe... not dm. No dungeons in Alpha Complex. Under it, maybe, but not in it.

I believe Allen sought to highlight the ultimate power of every PARANOIA Gamemaster to exercise absolute control of all things within the game. If you want Muppet Show DVDs set to ULTRAVIOLET Clearance, that's up to you... and then, next week make them INFRARED - because that's your right as a PARANOIA Gamemaster.

If you feel you still want to post your thoughts here, why not list items with a Clearance and explain why you'd give them that Clearance. That gives room for a little discussion. At the moment it feels a little like a work assignment...
abe said:
what about footballs?
I figure that they should be between ir & o in classifications.
What makes you think that, abe? Why would you make an American football between INFRARED and ORANGE Clearance?