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What do you look for in a book?

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Hello. I am Angel Sword. I was wondering what people look for in the books they buy books. Are you looking for cities, spells, feats, classes? Let me know. Feel free to post any additional comments.
I look for something special but also playable for example the first mongoose books I collected were the slayer series with a new twist and a instant lair on old favourite monsters.

then slaine based on 2000AD it is the truest celtic game I have ever found.with a campain and sources books to die for it was differant as are my current collections which are conan and lone wolf.generic bores me stiff the OGL lines are differant but not fully formed.

hope that helps :D
I look for the shininess factor, it may be the look, the setting, the cover or something about the game that attracts me to it. It's hard to describe but once you havr it, I'm hooked. Like when I bought all 6 supplements for A:2089 in one go, having only skimmed the core book once :lol:

I can indeed confirm that LBH loves his shineyness!!! I think there needs to be some kinda spark when choosing new books........take last night for example......went to Travelling Man, nice guys, met LBH/Peter & Mr Evil and spent most of the evening pawing over the vast and impressive RPG section....but it was only a few games that caught my imagination.......Stargate.........Bab 5...........Jeremiah....maybe a few others but can't remember off the top of my head right now.

I would say...go to your local shop and have a look around, whatever game/book you are still oooo-ing and aaah-ing about a week later is the one for you! Ok that requires patience......and quite frankly that is summat not all of us have.

Just my tuppence worth.....

It varies. Usually I buy most supplements for whichever game I am running at the time. Like LBH shinyness is a factor. Specific authors too is a factor.

Angelsword, I like your avatar. Is it by the author of Order of the Stick?
Well, the reason I'm asking is because I want to put out promotional stuff for my fledgling gaming company, and wanted to know what people like to see most of, so that I can put together the information of my world together like the people want.

Thank you for noticing, but Rich didn't do this. It was done by one of the people on his forum, and it's becoming my internet face. I really like it.

Just as a side note, I'd like it if people who say other to try and explain the "Other."
I said other because it's background I want in a book. History, politics, personalities, technologies and the like.

If it's got those, it's much less tied to a particular rules system ;)
I agree with Frobisher. New classes, feats and spells are what least attracts me to a sourcebook. Background, characters (not neccesarily stated up) and adventure hooks are most important.
So, in other words, you prefer modular cities with which to drop into any campaign setting, with a smattering of other things, such as classes and spells. Yes?
i dont likem maps..they can detrasct from what you whant to do in a RPG

if you have maps,, dont play a RPG with a taxi driver.. he will know his way round better than you..