Bigger or smaller sourcebooks?

Do you prefer smaller sourcebooks with a low price or a bigger sourcebooks that costs more?

  • Bigger sourcebook, even if it means paying more for it

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  • Smaller sourcebook, keeping the price of the book down

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I just noticed something about the upcomings Shem and Argos&Zingara books. They are both 96 pages long.

So, I've decided to see what is the opinion of the people in this forum.

Do you prefer a smaller sourcebook with a low price or do you prefer a bigger sourcebook even if it means paying a bit more money?

Personally, I would love to see bigger sourcebooks, at least the country sourcebooks. Wouldn't mind paying a bit more for the added volume in the sourcebook.
Not a big fan of book volume unless it has actual worthwhile content. In other words, if it only takes 96 pages to get all the info in there, then there's no need to make the book 120 pages and pad it out.

That said, there's been quite a numbe rof instances where books have been published only to discover some section missing or some certain paragraph accidentally left out because of room. If it were a choice between 96 pages and 97 with more art to fill in the gaps, I'd go with more art and all the relevant text to explain everything.
I agree. If it only takes 2 pages to fully elaborate on region XYZ then 2 pages it is. In that case it would make a S&P article, not a book. OTOH, if it takes Vincent 1000 pages to describe a region, then let him, and don't allow the editors to hack out vital info. Pix are nice but always fluff, and we all buy the books more for the crunch, right?
The current size for source books has been fine in my opinion - don't need bigger (usually just more pastiche stuff) and smaller just cuts out too much.

But, Mongoose needs to up the quality and quantity of their adventures in Hyboria. When I look at the quality adventures from games like Warhammer Fantasy I just don't see why Hyboria can not get the same level of quality and depth that the Old World gets in the WH Fantasy hardcover adventures.
Sutek said:
Not a big fan of book volume unless it has actual worthwhile content....

same for more "copy - paste" sourcebooks with the same text from other books just for the sake of more pages !!!
I want more maps in my sorce books, as a GM they would help alot. I would also like all the maps to be made available in PDF on line, also a big boon to the GM.