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Which mongoose wargame do you think is the best?

  • Gangs of Mega-city One

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  • Starship Troopers

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  • Mighty Armies

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All right....Babylon 5. The reason I wanted to know from the three is that I wasn't sure which one to get into. I have the GoMC-1 and SST starter sets, but really only have the time and money(wrestling doesn't earn much) to fully dedicate myself to one of the games. Right now I'm leaning toward GoMC-1 because I like the storyline, but there isn't that much players here in Hawaii. I know of a SST group though, but i'm not into the whole Sci-fi thing. I'll probably end up flipping a coin of something
Well you DID ask. ;) And we supplied an answer.

But if you have to choose out of THOSE ones... well...

Starship Troopers seems like the best one.
Hard to choose, as gangs and sst are so very very different...

But I love gangs of MC-1 and as it ties in so well with my JD campaign it wins on the grounds of something or other....
Here's a crazy idea. Play both. You already own both, so there's no money investment you need to make now.

Gangs and SST are really very different games.

I've noticed a theme in your threads. You've already decided you don't want to play SST, so there's nothing anyone can say to change your mind, so play what you want, they're just games, after all. If you're not having fun, why play?
and eat cheese....

what ever game you play eat cheese

trust me im a major stock holder in the cheese federation. its great...

and i dont meen gaming cheese i mean real cheese to go in a sandwich.

SST 4 me though.
Really I can't compare them, because each game is a different type of wargame. SST is my choice for full blow wargame. I also play Gangs of MC1 as my favorite skirmish game.

While I do not play the other two games, one is a ship based squadron game and the other seems to be a grand tactical game. Both I imagine are quite good, but not my taste.
yEah you're probably right. What I meant by investment was buying the whole set, every figure, creating a fan website, building gaming tables. That sort of stuff. I've come to the conclusion of putting GoMC-1 on my priority list. I finished my the rules last night so I'll probably start painting minis. I'm thinking of making a copy of the Angel Gang. Link, PA, Junior, MEan MAchine, Fink, and Seven Pound Betty( or something like that.) I still will be playing SST though just not to such a great extent. Mongoose is making some great games now and I think i'm hooked. I will need to create the stats for my gang though so if anyone has suggestions go ahead and post. Thanks

P.S. Don't go to the NEcromunda forums. The guys there are on a witch hunt for anyone mentioning games other than GW games. Ahh... misguided fools. They don't know the joy of beating up a gang of apes with frags.
GW WH (either, but especially 40k) fans, in my experiance, are often convinced that there aren't any other games out there.

It's nice to see with the last price hike and version of 40k, the players are starting to wake out of their haze.

Our local store has Monday 40k nights, which will be SST night when Klandathu comes out.
I recently picked up the latest WH40K (it looked nice..), bearing in mind when I last played the Genestealer lists had just appeared in white dwarf.

It seems the actual system and personal element has been paired right down (when I were a 40k'r customisation of an army and lots of personalities were the way).

Though the 'missions' and varient game types in new book were quite impressive (along with plenty of special rules options ala deep strike, infiltration etc..) were excellent...

And as it turns out very useful source of inspiration for other games