Best Villain from each Series


So I was wondering, who do you think is the best villain from each of the LW series?

My votes are below:

Kai Series (books 1 to 5)
Vonotar the Traitor - for me, one of the ultimate villains

Magnakai Series (books 6 to 12)
Tricky - I'd have to go for Zahda, especially when using the Legends series as it fleshes out his character quite substantially. Whilst Darklord Gnaag was good, you didn't really have to fight him (especially with the Sommerswerd!) and you were facing his armies, rather than Gnaag himself. Still, a close-run thing between him and Zahda. And I could have had Vonotar again!

Grand Master Series (books 13 to 20)
Warlord Magnaarn - partially as this is one is the best book for me, but also because it shows how a relatively "ordinary" individual can have such a huge impact on Magnamund

New Order Series (books 21 to 28)
This series is somewhat lacking in villains for me. I suppose it would be Autarch Sejanoz, though he was somewhat lacking in character, possibly due to the cuts made in book 28.

And the best villain that never was has to be Darklord Vashna - a shame he was never resurrected and Lone Wolf had to fight him again. Now that would be an epic end to the series! :D


WritingWolf said:
So I was wondering, who do you think is the best villain from each of the LW series?

For my two cents I would go with the following.

Kai Series Villain: Vonatar the Traitor
Admittedly the starting series is a tad light on "big bads" to choose from, but I have to admit I like a bad guy who is able to adapt to his changing situation.

Magnakai Series Villain: Roark - High born of Amory
While Roark isn't as powerful as most other reocurring enemies in the series, (Gnaag, Arch Druid Cadak, Shamath, etc) he is one of the more interesting ones. He is kind of like an "Easter Egg" villain for loyal readers to trip over at odd moments. He never could end the world or crush nations, but he was just evil enough to enjoy curb stomping and remember him when you trip over him next time.

Grand Master Series Villain: Kekataag the Avenger
Tough call on the this one, there were so many good villains in this group of books. But I went with Kekataag because he kind of stands out both in a storyline perspective and because I always thought the art of him in the original books was awesome.

I know I said "storyline perspective" as a reason, yet there really isn't that much story on Kekataag. But I was refering more to the concept that certain storyline elements of the other big bads in the Grand Master series cost them the spot.

New Order Series Villain: I never could get into them.

Best Villain that Never Was: Agarash the Damned
Agarash always intrigued me because the character represented a whole different side of evil that wasn't directly linked to the Darklords. His minions were powerful enough to scare/intimidate the darklords into keeping their distance even at the height of their power.

Even with being dead, its soul being gone, the residual evil and power of agarash the damned was enough that just his skull could be a major plot device. Also if you think about it, several of the books adventures were actually based around ramifications of Agarash's actions. The most direct example being the Doomstones, which he created. What made Agarash so cool was the fact that he propgated evil and made it stronger rather than just being destructively evil.