Battle Field 2

Want to see Battle Field 2 the table top game?

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Ginsu Moose

Infantry, fighter jets, vehicles and locations.

Not to just US, Middle East and China's forces. You could add Russian, Germany, UK even UN. As well as Terrorists, france and Japan military forces.

Each nation with its own Infantry. fighter jets, vehicles and locations. Giving alot of choice and options to the player. Rules for ammo and even air strikes could be used.

Anyone agree with this idea? I would like to see more of our military forces on the table top, not something a few 100 years ahead.
Hmm I suppose I should add some reasoning:

1) It's bound to be cheaper to buy the game than to buy a new top line PC to run the computer game.

2) It wont crash to desktop.

3) You can play games and track your stats without having to wait hours to find a slot on a ranked server.

4) You can design your own maps with polystyrene and cardboard without waiting for the delayed beta release of the map design tools.

5) All your friends can play the game with you and not find out they don't have sufficent hardware.

6) A nice line of miniatures from Mongoose that can be used in other games, not just specific to theirs.

The downside: I'd expect EA to charge the earth for the license. So drop the whole "Battlefield" name and call it something else :)

EDIT: Looks like I was right on the money with that comment!
I doubt any tabletop game could do justice to the license; If it just concentrates on the strategic, where does the one-on-one firefights and sniperfests fit in? If you went with a ground scale of 15mm (for instance) then the play area would be too confined for the aerial units etc.

I love the PC game - it is awesome (it's a superb first person shooter and RTS); but something that with its mix of strategic, tactial and plain one-on-one combat just isn't doable in a fun way off a computer.

And as Mayhem said, do we really need really need another ruleset like this?