B5 RPG flyer in DVDs

Greg Smith

I got my season 3 DVD set today and inside was a flyer (no not a Minbari flyer :)) for the B5 RPG.

I don't ever recall seeing an advert for an RPG in any mainstream product before, but I hope it generates bazillions of sales for Mongoose and brings folks into the hobby.
i just can't wait to see if the french version has it too !!!! ;);););)

it would be major here for a rpg to advertise using a mass distributed product !!!!!!! ;););););););););););)

a reborn for the rpg editor maybe !!! ;);););););)

Besides that, i'm fine !! ;) !!
remember season 3 here in america came out before the B5 RPG was officaly out.. because my copy didnt have it.......

season 4 in January 8) :lol:
redlaco said:
Must be new or limited to England since my "canadian" copy did not receive this treatment either.

Not just England, all of the UK's getting it ;)

Since there seems to be a distinct lack of other European certification on the R2 disks I bought, it could just be the UK version that's getting the insert.

Hopefully Mongoose have cut a similar deal for the Season 4 R1 release...
I think that putting a flyer in with the DVD was an excellent idea :)
I skimmed it, and thought "that looks interesting" (having been an RPG player for years, but also liking the fact book idea.)
A few days later, I was in a comic shop and noticed the B5 RPG - I would probably have missed it if it hadnt been for the memory of that flyer. Bought it on the spot of course, and enjoying writing my first campaign for it now.
hop : just bought it : french version, no flyers !!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

but i get to watch again the third season in an acceptable image !! ;););)

my tv tape recorded version started t get old and quite used lol ;);););););)

Besides that, i'm fine !! ;) !!
Eryx said:
I got Season 3 DVD for Christmas but no flyer for the game. :(
Maybe it was a limited print run?

It might have been. I got the S3 DVD for Christmas too, and I was lucky enough to get the advert in mine. :?

It may have been that particular batches got the flyer, until they ran out. That's just a guess though.