B5 Companion


Hi, a little question.
Wasn't there a book that was going to be released called 'Companion' or something for B5? Or am I misinformed?

If it's going to be released, when will this happend?

Ok, I sure hope they'll publish it really soon, from what I've heard and read on this forum, it seems like a must have :)
I suspect some of the planned content has been picked up by other supplements, like the Zocalo, the Galactic Guide and the planned Ships of the Galaxy.

But if there's still a plan for it I'm interested.

I'm suprised they didn't do like a "Bab5 Player's Handbook" sort of thing with perhaps some additional classes, PrCs, etc, etc. That would be quite groovy.
Many PrCs have appeared in the Race books, technomages book, Rangers, Crusade. They go where the setting material that necessitates them is.