B5 - A Call to Arms Targeting & Ship Status Token Set $1

Cap'n Silvereye said:
Its priced at $11.99.

There is also the contents of your shopping cart included.

Yeah! that was to good to be complete true.

I have the special order tokens, and they are very good, the leave out alot of problem and discutions out of the game.
These probably arne't as much use as the SO counters as the set contains about 10 boresight target ond origin sets (too many) and 2 each of crippled, adrift, skeleton crewed and comms disrupted (IIRC). A couple of Speed 0, scouted and No weapons would have been useful.
If you want a UK supplier of the counter sets try the bottom of this page. I got my second set of counters from them, prompt service and cheap postage


hey I lost a post somewhere around here....=(

10 source target is not too many...lots of uses for these with caf and boresight heavy fleets targetting each other.

We didn't realise that these were all that new, ID Gaming have had them in stock and on their Online Store for several months now....
- they are very cool though and we do use them a lot.